Sunday, October 11, 2020

Night Time Reservations at BAIT.

I was DEAD tired in the UBER ride down to our favorite seafood restaurant BAIT, but since my son wanted to impress his girlfriend with Black Culinary excellence..... I obliged  his request. 

So, let me just go on record by saying that my son LOVES this restaurant.

And although he left his job with this restaurant on bad terms, he still LOVES and RESPECTS the establishment.  And just as always the workers were so happy to see him.  Everyone from the Owner, the Maitre D', and the Bar Tender came to our table to say hello and greet us.  It was ALL LOVE....

Now lets talk about the food and service.....

I guess things cant be perfect 100% of the time, but considering the amount of money you spend at this place, the service should be IMMACULATE.

I ordered my usual Crab Cakes with the remoulade, Thai Chili Wings, Duck Rangoon, and a cosmopolitan. The orders somehow got mixed up and my son and his girlfriend were given my duck Rangoon's, and my Cosmopolitan never made it to the table.  

Service was also kind of slow that night....No water refills, table wasn't checked on like usual, but for the most part everything was just OK.

My son was a little disappointed as well because his girlfriend didn't really enjoy her food either. I guess I'm cut from a different cloth because if my man was spending $100 plus on dinner, I'm going to PRETEND that it's the best shit I ever ate, but that's just ME.

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