Friday, August 14, 2020

COVID Chronicles: Back at Bait on Lindell BLVD

I told my son that I refused to be a prisoner to COVID-19  

Now.... let me state that I also REFUSE to become a "Karen" and start complaining about wearing masks in public. 

This inconvenience has to be done for my safety and the safety of others, so just shut the FUCK up and put the damn mask on y'all.

With that said, I work in the medical industry for 8-9 hours a day risking my life and health for others.  Dealing with terrible attitudes from patients, getting flicked off and cussed out by patients because they didn't get free cleaning kits that are NO longer FREE. 

So I see absolutely NO issue with dining out during COVID-19 for a couple hours of food, relaxation, drinks, and enjoyment.

Last Saturday my son and I decided to eat at his old job Bait, and just like clockwork the original workers recognized him and came over to our table to show him LOVE.  I can tell that they really missed him, and the new manager was telling our server that Isaiah knew the business better than anyone there.

I remember how hard my son worked helping getting the restaurant opened.  Spending hours cleaning the restaurant and learning the menu and how to serve.  He was the first employee of this great establishment, and the rest of the crew respected him for that.

Now on to the food....

Before I made reservations I told Isaiah that I wanted to spend right around $200 trying some of the most expensive items on the menu.  He told me that If I wanted to exhaust that $200 rather quickly; order the Tomahawk steak  *$100* an appetizer and a couple drinks.

I opted for: 
Crab cakes
Thai Chilli Wings
Tropical Mango Bay (Mixed Drink)
Lost in the Woods (Mixed Drinks)
Regular beverage

My son Got
Salmon (Scottish salmon stuffed with spinach and Parmesan, sweet potato mash, and brown butter sauce)
Alligator Taco's

The food was just as good as I remembered although there has been changes in management and the Chef).  My son says that he noticed the slight changes in recipes, but the formula was pretty much the same.

I ended up spending $122.84 + $25.00 tip

This is me when I REALLY Love my food!

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