Sunday, October 6, 2019

Tucanos Brizilian Grill: Happy Birthday to my office Wife!

Tucanos Brazilian Grill

1520 S. 5th Street
St. Charles, MO 63033

I hate St. Charles!

It's always crowded everywhere, 
crazy traffic, 
crazy drivers

I know that the white folks hate to see US coming, but that's to bad because we're here, and there were a LOT of US at Tucanos in which I was relieved.  The older I get I can tell that I'm not as open minded as I once was.  

I'm finding myself VERY uncomfortable in certain spaces, unless I see familiar skin tones.  It really makes me sad that I feel this way and maybe I need some type of therapy to sort it out.  We'll see

OK, lets talk about the restaurant now...


Everything about this restaurant is simply Amazing.  It's a buffet style restaurant, but they have meat servers that continuously bring different types of meat items that are cut off skewers.  And the meat service is So plentiful.  The atmosphere was delightful as there were about 3 birthday parties and the servers come to your table and sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese.

We were celebrating my "Office Wife's" 40th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sugar Plum

I spent roughly $33.00 for the all you can eat Buffet and meat service, with my Passion Fruit Lemonade.

So fellas, this date will set you back at least $70.00  if you take a chick here! 

At least expect a hand job in the end!

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