Saturday, October 26, 2019

IKEA: Land of the Bland

Ok, before I go in on IKEA's "land of the bland" food options, let me stress that this place is AMAZING!  If you are looking for inexpensive home items, IKEA is tha BOMB!

I racked up on kitchen items (Plates, Saucers, coffee cups, cheese grater, 2 trashcans, and a wine opener) and spent right around $25

But I do notice something interesting about the customers.  Most of the customers have a TON of kids just like the chicks that come in and out of Walmart, and the kids are JUST as bad and uncouth.

  There was a little girl following me around the store and laughing because she saw how annoyed I was because I was lost.  I kept hearing her behind me saying....."follow the arrows".  Reminded me of the scene in Jackie Brown where Bridgett Fonda's character was taunting Robert De'Niro for being lost in the department store.

Now on to this Bland ass food...

I know that IKEA is a Swedish thing so I'm not expecting them to know anything about Lawry's season salt, garlic and Onion powder....But BITCH can we get some salt and pepper on this shit?!  The lunch area is cafeteria style dining, and to be honest the Swedish meatballs tasted like they were bought at a Save A Lot frozen section and reheated.  The mash potato's weren't creamy at all, and the green beans were Luke warm and completely tasteless

The tastiest thing about this lunch was the Pepsi and cherry flavored Cough Drop that I found at the bottom of my purse.  

I know that the picture below looks delicious, but this meal could have been in one of the Kitchen Displays.....Not in my belly!

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