Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hamburger Mary's: The Best Sunday Brunch in town...

400 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO 63102

Looking for somewhere to take your grand kids after church?

Take em to see some  DRAG QUEENS!

All jokes aside...this place is REALLY fun!  They have an amazing Sunday brunch that consists of the usual Brunch foods. Eggs, bacon, pasta, salads and a whole lotta other brunch-y foods! ($16.00/person)

They also have bottomless flavored Mimosa's ($15.00/person)

But it's the drag show that really makes the Brunch worth it. (Starts at Noon)  All of the performers were high energy working it like a Beyonce Concert!  Especially the black ones!

These ladies perform for roughly 3 hours dancing in heels and my ass can barely walk in heels. I really do love this place due to the atmosphere.  Now if you're closed minded, then stay your ass at home or go to Applebees.  But if your up for fun entertainment with an amazing Brunch...

Welcome to Hamburger Mary's

My Office wife getting her Birthday Shot!!

Me and my office Wives...

Unflattering Angles...UGH..

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