Sunday, October 13, 2019

Culpeppers : The Central West End

300 N. Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63108

I've always LOVED The Central West End.  

A trendy happening hot spot in the city of St. Louis.  I remember driving through the CWE as a kid with my parents and looking at the old mansions which were abandoned at the time.  (Early 80's)

I still remember driving by these beautiful mansions and seeing the windows busted and boarded up.  Mansions with no roofs, ceiling, or just plain dilapidated 

I read somewhere that a group investors came in and revitalized the CWE in the late 70's and 80's which made it one of the richest most vibrant areas in the St. Louis City

(A mansion on the Beautiful Westmoreland and Portland Place neighborhood)

Back in the early 2000's I would take my then toddler Isaiah and we would go on house tours in the Westmoreland and Portland Place neighborhood.  I was in utter shock at the amount of black families that lived in that neighborhood.  I'm pretty sure most of the black families on those streets were Doctors because the area is heavily occupied by Washington University school of medicine and Barnes Jewish Hospital.

It was the early 90's when I was first brought to Culpeppers by my parents.  We had just gotten back from Kansas City where we had vacationed over the weekend. 

(Those were some GREAT FUCKING TIMES...thanks mom and dad)

I remember exactly what I ordered because damn near 30 years later I order the SAME THING!  

A chef salad and french onion soup.

This time I didn't get the soup because the salad is usually large enough.  This place is known for it's wings, but I'm simply not that into chicken.

Not all black folks love chicken!!!!!!!

Well, I have noticed some changes over the years with the service and quality of food.  The salad isn't as large as it used to be and the service is rather lack-luster.  My server seemed new, which is fine BUT be nice and hospitable if you don't really know your job quite yet.  I asked the nigga twice for extra ranch and he forgot both times, but he didn't forget to check his phone when he got text messages from his bitch or Boyfriend. (In this area you really can't tell)

I'm a stickler for customer service because I'm a fucking ACTRESS on my job when it comes to giving good customer service. I pretend like all my patients are my best fucking friends.  I can win A Tony Award, Oscar, and BET award with the way I cut up......AND THEY LOVE ME FOR IT!!

I guess I expect the same level of dramatics from others when they serve me.

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