Thursday, October 3, 2019

Cotton Candy Grapes....$3.99/lb at Schnucks

Can be purchased here in St. Louis at:
Whole Foods 
Trader Joes 
Ruler Foods

Let me give my HONEST opinion about these grapes that have been the talk of social media.  First of all they are $3.99/lb at Schnucks which is a little pricey and they have that dull color as if they are about to go bad.


If you have diabetes, and fruits are among the harmful foods for you.....Don't buy these.....They are SUPER Sweet.

Some say too Sweet.

After about a handful, the cotton candy taste kinda disappears and you are left with just really sweet grapes....which I'm fine with.

If you live in the hood (Like I do), and the grocery store happens to sell these, be prepared to see half eaten bags.  The local "hoodboogers" LOVE to pick handfuls of grapes and just walk around the store eating them.  

Not a new phenomenon though, we been eating free grapes for years.

The Grapes taste the BEST with vegetables and a good Netflix movie!

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