Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bristol's Seafood Restaurant....Happy Birthday DAD (August 10th)

 11801 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Let me say this....If you ain't got the money, Bristol's is not the place for you!!

Stick to 54th street grill or Applebee's if your're micro managing your coins because Bristol's is expensive.

On this particular day we celebrated my father's 65th Birthday at Bristol's where we all ordered the 3 course dinner meal ($40). Once you figure in the meal plus drinks, it can easily come to $60 per person and let me stress that my family are DRINKERS! 

I think my parents spent somewhere around $150 for their meal which included the dinner, Appetizers, and a few drinks.

I remember eating here for brunch some years ago and a high school classmate was the manager at the time.  I had sex with him in my friends basement 25 years ago and he remembered that so he gave us our meal for FREE....

YAY for natures Credit card...Never leave home without it.

Lets break it down...

The Crab Cakes are phenomenal and they come with different sauces, a mash potato and asparagus. 

The Creme Brulee' was Aight.....I gave it to my dog 
(She eats good too)

In the end everything was great and spending time with family is always a bonus!

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