Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Black girl at the Vineyards: Chandler Hill Winery

Chandler Hill Winery
596 Defiance Rd
Defiance, MO 63341

Yoga Brunch $38.00

Today's outing made me realize that I LOVE different types of activities.  And that I am so blessed to afford them! 

I get so tired of the basic everyday fast food/Bar and grill spaces that occupy the community that I live in.  So whenever I have the opportunity to experience something different....I'M GAME!

Thank you to my office wife and her mother for inviting me to this amazing Yoga and Brunch at Chandler Hill Vineyards. 

Lets Talk about it.....

We arrived at the Vineyards right at the start of our hour long Yoga class.  Sadly we forgot to bring yoga mats, but the kindness of the women attending made sure we had something to use!  

I didn't realize how difficult Yoga can be if you're fat and out of shape, LIKE ME.  The weather was rather cool, but the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.  It reminded of the French Country side when I was in Europe 11 years ago.

After yoga we had the most AMAZING brunch that exceeded all expectations.  We were all amazed at how affordable the Sunday brunch was.  It's right around $16 and that included a glass of champagne.....(Double Check the Champagne option)

After brunch there was a jazz band setting up and "Wine and Wags", which is a pet adoption service that they offer.  The puppies were SOOOOO adorable!

In the end this experience was Opulent, and I enjoyed every moment like I was Little Orphan Annie at the Daddy Warbucks Estate...

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