Thursday, July 4, 2019

Sketchy Chop Suey in Wellston MO

A few years back we rode with my mom to get her and my dad some Chinese Food.  I wasn't in a Chinese food mood, and I definitely wasn't in a Sketchy Chinese Food mood, so me and my son oped out.

I remember walking into this place and thinking...WHAT THE FUCK??

My son had the same look of concern on his face and I admit that I was a bit confused because although this places looked as sketchy as the basement in Nightmare of Elm street, the amount of traffic coming in and out of there told me how LOVED this place really was.

Sitting outside parked in the front was a Lexus, and a couple other cool foreign cars, so this place MUST have had a reputation for good food.

Sorry, that I didn't get the name of this place, but if you're familiar with Wellston....then you've probably eaten here

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