Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Raising Canes Vs. Chick Fil A


I remember the Florissant Grand Opening of both of these establishments like it was yesterday.  Raising Canes was the first establishment to open on Lindbergh Blvd in the heart of Florissant MO.  My son and I were already regulars at the Raising Canes on St. Charles Rock Rd, so the anticipation of a location opening close to us was exciting.  The grand opening was a success as you saw a steady stream of families and High School kids coming in and out.

And let me just say, Canes have hottest chicken tenders that literally burn your mouth when you bite into it (I LOVE IT).  The bread is pretty fucking amazing too...AND the Sweet TEA....YES GAWD!

Now lets talk about the grand opening of Chick Fil A


Chick Fil A sits in front of a closed KMart store which was the parking lot for Chick Fil A on the grand opening...and EVERY spot had a car in it.  The line was literally out the fucking door.  I have to admit that the workers were efficient as they moved the crowds pretty rapidly.  That drive through was a mess though.  Some patrons were saying that they were waiting in the drive through for an hour. Fuck that!! 

Another thing that I notice about establishments that hire Teenagers...those motherfucking teens move SLOW AS FUCK!! I don't know if it's a confidence thing or these kids don't have any hustle about them.  You can see management barking and telling them to move faster.  I see this trend in a lot of places that hire teens.  They just move too damn slow. Especially these black teens out here working!

No shade BUT.....

I might get killed for this but Chick Fil A is garbage to me.  Chick Fil A has this cult following like the Jim Jones Massacre Cult!  Black folks LOVE this place!

First off, the nuggets are too damn small...Like pellets.  They have chicken tenders/strips but I like my shits crispy. And that shit ain't crispy to me.

I don't like their waffle fries either because they get cold real quick!

Two thumbs down for Chick Fil A

Raising Cane's is my SHIT!

No gimmicks or social media videos, just good ole hot chicken strips, fries, toast and Sweet tea!


  1. I agree with you about Canes yum!
    Rate the Rice House next it is worth trying.


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