Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Krab Kingz (Spreading them Legz for Daddy)

8021 W Florissant Ave
Jennings, MO 63136

Spread them LEGS for Daddy

 Black owned Business alert...YAY ❤

I work in Jennings MO in the Buzz Westfall shopping center right across the parking lot from this BOMB ASS restaurant.

I remember that my office Manager and I visited the Krab Kingz location in the Delmar loop and I was amazed at how cool, busy, yet relaxed that particular location was...And the Food was GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!

A month after visiting the Delmar location, we're at work doing what we do, and see someone put a sign on the side of a building across from us that had been vacant for a few years!  Curious about what was to come we walked over and saw the sign read:

Coming Soon Krab Kingz....


The day that they officially opened, they offered a 20% discount to the first 100 customers.  The line was literally wrapped around the building.  This community NEEDED something like this.  Jennings is so close to Ferguson MO, and after the Mike Brown situation, businesses stared to close.  We lost Target which was an anchor store in the complex, and a few other businesses down West Florissant simply disappeared.  

So you can just imagine the sheer excitement to see a new business pop up in the community that not only had a great reputation, but is BLACK OWNED!

Needless to say that this place has become somewhat of an addiction for me.  I honestly eat there once a week for lunch at the tune of $20-$30 depending of what I get.

My go to is the #2 which consists of:
2 clusters of snow crabs
13 shrimp
corn on the cob
Andouille Sausage
Boiled egg
And a list of butter sauces and spices.

This too is another place where Sex will be a requirement after the date, so be sure to bring Condoms.

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