Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fat Girl Chronicles...How I went from weighing 230 to 179

These pictures were taken circa 2004.  
At the time I was doing some nude modeling for an online publication that specialized in BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Erotica.  I was getting paid $500 per photo shoot, and lets just say there are a TON of nude pics of me on the internet

Hi MOM and DAD!!!

Being fat was a niche that paid well if you had the proper marketing machine behind you.  I even had a slogan...."In a World of tiny fast cars, I'm a LUXURY Sedan".  People would often ask if my son knew that I did nude modeling, and my answer would be....Why would HE??  He never went on photo shoots with me.  And what ever he DOES know about me his reaction is usually....

I began to get tired of being the overweight sexy black girl and I eventually joined a gym (Didn't loose a pound)

It wasn't until I developed Diabetes in 2015 that I begin to see my weight shed.  With a combination of getting old and having diabetes, I begin to develop strange eating habits.  Like....eating my meals out of small saucers like the one posted below.  My daily breakfast consisted of string cheese, Powerade, and a small fruit cup.  If I did go out an eat, I'd NEVER finish it.  I'd usually get full after eating 2-3 bites.  And with constantly moving and walking fast on the job, I began to loose more weight.

(My Dinner Saucer)

BBW Magazine Circa 2004 
I weighed 227

My sons Prom Circa 2019 I weighted 183

My Lunch today and I probably wont eat again....

Simply Thai
(Ferguson Location)

Fresh Spring Rolls

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