Friday, July 5, 2019

DoorDash (Addicted like a crackhead)

I seriously need a 12 step program

Whoever created this food delivery app should be a Billionaire by now.  I think I read somewhere that DoorDash is now worth over 12 Billion Dollars and is steady growing.

I discovered DoorDash after a bout of laziness and not knowing where to eat.  It was late and I really wasn't in the mood for Pizza or Chinese, which are the only 2 types of places that deliver to my neighborhood.  Searching the app store for the Panera app, I ran across Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and my FAVE....DOORDASH!

DoorDash has a larger selection of participating restaurants in my area.  Pasta House, Applebees, Chilli's, Hooters, IHop, and Dennys all deliver after 9pm.  So you're not stuck ordering ghetto ass pizza's that sometimes don't event show up.

Right now my son is a little crack head when it comes to IHop.

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