Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dogs N Frys (A cute little spot to take your rugrats and crumb snatchers)

Dogs N Frys
503 Paul Ave, Florissant, MO 63031

Available on my favorite delivery app DoorDash

I typically don't eat hot Never...

Even at picnics, BBQ's, and black folks cookouts, I usually never go for the hot dogs.  Well my niece hipped me to this place a few months ago, telling me that the food was pretty good.  

But Again, I don't like hot dogs!

So I decided to take one for the team and here's what I thought!

This place is pretty AMAZING!  The customer Service is 5 star!!

I got there right as they were opening, and as soon as he let me in a sea of customers came in right after me.  I can see that their clientele is a mixture of stoners, skateboarders, and yuppies!  This goes to show you that you can make a business pop if you have the right product and consumers.  Who would have thought that a Hot Dog joint in the middle of Florissant would be this popular.

Even the Prices were good!

Let me Introduce you to the Philly Dog!!

Cheddar Cheese, seared Green Peppers and caramelized onions

They even have their name on the bun....How cute is that???

I even did some research on the soda brands that they sell because I was like..... What kinda soda is this?

The creator of Excel bottling company caught a bank robber back in 1936 and used his reward money to start a bottling company is his wife's grandmother's kitchen!


He didn't fuck the money off on bullshit.  
He started a company that lasted over 80 years!

In the end the food was pretty good.  Although I only took a few bites, I can honestly say that I was impressed by the whole experience.

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