Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bait (Cute Black Owned Seafood Restaurant)

4239 Lindell Blvd 
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 405-2797

My Son with Baseball Hall of Fame Ozzie Smith

My son with Rapper Beanie Sigel

Before I give my review of this fabulous little black owned seafood joint, I wanted to introduce my 18 year old son named Isaiah who is pictured above. He is a server here and on a nightly basis he rubs elbows with the Elite.  And those tips ain't too bad either.  Ozzie gave him a $50 tip this day!  Thanks OZ!!

Bait is the first "REAL" job that my son has had, with the exception of Mcalister's Deli which he worked for a month then was laid off. From my memory with my son working at Mcalister's Deli....they treated their employees like crap.  But that's another blog

Bait opened on Valentines Day of 2019 with rave reviews from multiple sources, making it the newest hot spot of Urban St. Louis.

NOW, let me admit that there are perks to not only having your son work at a happening establishment, but it's also owned by my cousin and her man.

Thanks Alexis for hooking my kid up with this gig!!

Now on to the food...

The very first time I dined at Bait I decided to get the Lobster Roll with Fries and a martini.  The Lobster Roll was..... Aight (for $27.00)!! But I admit that the ambiance was AMAZINGBait is by far one of the most aesthetically beautiful restaurants in The CWE.  Even if you don't care for the food, the ambiance and atmosphere will capture your soul.

Not to mention, that if your date takes you here for dinner, you are obligated to give him some ass afterwards.

The second time I dined here the food was actually TERRIFIC. 

I got the Alligator Tacos, Thai Chili Chicken Wings, Lobster Fries, banana's Fosters, And a Fabulous Cheese Platter that had the most divine sweet relish...I LOVE cheese!

Just like the late Auntie Fee said...."Fat people and Kids Love Cheese"

But......What made this $100 lunch more divine is that the management gave us ALL this food FOR FREE with the exception of our beverages.

Praise Ye Jesus...This me talking in tongues!

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