Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Baked Pizzeria in Ferguson

Baked Pizzeria in Ferguson
235 S Florissant Rd, Ferguson, MO 63135

(Video Was recorded the Summer of 2018)

Let me say that I LOVE  having cute little hide-away restaurants smack dab in the heart of my neighborhood. I may not always eat at these places, but I'm glad they exist.

Baked Pizzeria is a cute little pizza joint in Downtown Ferguson Missouri.  And although I'm not crazy about their pizza, I do support them because that's how you keep small businesses thriving in your community.  

God forbid all we had was Popeye's Chicken and McDonald's.  NO shade to you niggas sitting in line for 40 minutes for those spicy chicken Sammiches.  

But 10 years from now we're going to see a commercial saying...

"If you ate Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches in 2019 you may be exposed to Mesothelioma"

I'm a Red Pill type of chick, I never follow crowds.

Monday, November 4, 2019

My Birthday Brunch : Cork Wine Bar in Ferguson MO....

Cork Wine Bar
423 S. Florissant Rd
Ferguson, MO 63135

Today is my 42nd Birthday. YAY!!

And instead of turning up and gettin' down, I decided to be the old lady that I am and do brunch with my Aunt Phyllis.

Cork is a cute little wine bar in Down Town Ferguson Missouri, that does an OK Sunday Brunch.

I'm so used to Buffet styled brunch that I almost felt cheated! ($27.00 for 1 small plate of food and bottomless Mimosas)

At cork, their Sunday brunch is from 10am-2pm 
(They actually close at 2pm) 

So all you Church ladies will miss their Sunday Brunch because we ALL know that the black church is an ALL DAY EVENT.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

IKEA: Land of the Bland

Ok, before I go in on IKEA's "land of the bland" food options, let me stress that this place is AMAZING!  If you are looking for inexpensive home items, IKEA is tha BOMB!

I racked up on kitchen items (Plates, Saucers, coffee cups, cheese grater, 2 trashcans, and a wine opener) and spent right around $25

But I do notice something interesting about the customers.  Most of the customers have a TON of kids just like the chicks that come in and out of Walmart, and the kids are JUST as bad and uncouth.

  There was a little girl following me around the store and laughing because she saw how annoyed I was because I was lost.  I kept hearing her behind me saying....."follow the arrows".  Reminded me of the scene in Jackie Brown where Bridgett Fonda's character was taunting Robert De'Niro for being lost in the department store.

Now on to this Bland ass food...

I know that IKEA is a Swedish thing so I'm not expecting them to know anything about Lawry's season salt, garlic and Onion powder....But BITCH can we get some salt and pepper on this shit?!  The lunch area is cafeteria style dining, and to be honest the Swedish meatballs tasted like they were bought at a Save A Lot frozen section and reheated.  The mash potato's weren't creamy at all, and the green beans were Luke warm and completely tasteless

The tastiest thing about this lunch was the Pepsi and cherry flavored Cough Drop that I found at the bottom of my purse.  

I know that the picture below looks delicious, but this meal could have been in one of the Kitchen Displays.....Not in my belly!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Black girl at the Vineyards: Chandler Hill Winery

Chandler Hill Winery
596 Defiance Rd
Defiance, MO 63341

Yoga Brunch $38.00

Today's outing made me realize that I LOVE different types of activities.  And that I am so blessed to afford them! 

I get so tired of the basic everyday fast food/Bar and grill spaces that occupy the community that I live in.  So whenever I have the opportunity to experience something different....I'M GAME!

Thank you to my office wife and her mother for inviting me to this amazing Yoga and Brunch at Chandler Hill Vineyards. 

Lets Talk about it.....

We arrived at the Vineyards right at the start of our hour long Yoga class.  Sadly we forgot to bring yoga mats, but the kindness of the women attending made sure we had something to use!  

I didn't realize how difficult Yoga can be if you're fat and out of shape, LIKE ME.  The weather was rather cool, but the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.  It reminded of the French Country side when I was in Europe 11 years ago.

After yoga we had the most AMAZING brunch that exceeded all expectations.  We were all amazed at how affordable the Sunday brunch was.  It's right around $16 and that included a glass of champagne.....(Double Check the Champagne option)

After brunch there was a jazz band setting up and "Wine and Wags", which is a pet adoption service that they offer.  The puppies were SOOOOO adorable!

In the end this experience was Opulent, and I enjoyed every moment like I was Little Orphan Annie at the Daddy Warbucks Estate...

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Culpeppers : The Central West End

300 N. Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63108

I've always LOVED The Central West End.  

A trendy happening hot spot in the city of St. Louis.  I remember driving through the CWE as a kid with my parents and looking at the old mansions which were abandoned at the time.  (Early 80's)

I still remember driving by these beautiful mansions and seeing the windows busted and boarded up.  Mansions with no roofs, ceiling, or just plain dilapidated 

I read somewhere that a group investors came in and revitalized the CWE in the late 70's and 80's which made it one of the richest most vibrant areas in the St. Louis City

(A mansion on the Beautiful Westmoreland and Portland Place neighborhood)

Back in the early 2000's I would take my then toddler Isaiah and we would go on house tours in the Westmoreland and Portland Place neighborhood.  I was in utter shock at the amount of black families that lived in that neighborhood.  I'm pretty sure most of the black families on those streets were Doctors because the area is heavily occupied by Washington University school of medicine and Barnes Jewish Hospital.

It was the early 90's when I was first brought to Culpeppers by my parents.  We had just gotten back from Kansas City where we had vacationed over the weekend. 

(Those were some GREAT FUCKING TIMES...thanks mom and dad)

I remember exactly what I ordered because damn near 30 years later I order the SAME THING!  

A chef salad and french onion soup.

This time I didn't get the soup because the salad is usually large enough.  This place is known for it's wings, but I'm simply not that into chicken.

Not all black folks love chicken!!!!!!!

Well, I have noticed some changes over the years with the service and quality of food.  The salad isn't as large as it used to be and the service is rather lack-luster.  My server seemed new, which is fine BUT be nice and hospitable if you don't really know your job quite yet.  I asked the nigga twice for extra ranch and he forgot both times, but he didn't forget to check his phone when he got text messages from his bitch or Boyfriend. (In this area you really can't tell)

I'm a stickler for customer service because I'm a fucking ACTRESS on my job when it comes to giving good customer service. I pretend like all my patients are my best fucking friends.  I can win A Tony Award, Oscar, and BET award with the way I cut up......AND THEY LOVE ME FOR IT!!

I guess I expect the same level of dramatics from others when they serve me.

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