Thursday, March 11, 2021

Single in the City: When your date is handsome AND can COOK!! (Warning: Sex Talk Ahead)

I'm always amazed at the amount of attention that I get from men.  My DM's and private messages stay flooded with dudes looking for some extra curricular activities.  And depending on how I feel and how they look, I'll sometimes entertain them.  I tend to stay away from guys that I grew up with although I get messaged from them the most.  I've entertained a few guys that sparked my curiosity in the past, and soon learn that sometimes it's best for y'all to just stay.....well..... in my past!

I LOVE that I can be authentically sexually me and no one knows that I have an interesting sex life.

Sorry, Just being honest.....

BUT when you meet a guy out in public and he's sexy, cute, funny, articulate, and VERY friendly, it's HARD to keep these panties up 😍

So, I met this guy whom I'll call "Al" at work.  He came into the job just casually looking for glasses and we hit it off IMMEDIATELY.  He was every shallow thing that I like in a guy.  Cute, funny, sexy, nice body, and very friendly.  When he finally found a frame that he liked, I took his prescription and measurements, then filled it to the tune of $342.00 (He got a lil money too).

My flirt game hand is strong so I was pretty sure he was going to ask for the digits and (He DID).  We talked on the phone a few days before we decided to meet up for dinner.  He's an only child to a Pastor and a Stay at home mom (Married for 50 years) which gives him an element of intrigue to me.  But from experience with the children of Pastors, I already knew that he was probably going to be GREAT in Bed. 

Church men are the BIGGEST Freaks.

We decided to have dinner at his place, and I was immediately impressed with the Décor of his home. Although his home is small, it's décor was elegant, clean, fresh flowers and glade plug-ins all over.  I arrived at his home about 6pm that evening and the aroma of Steak was filling the air.  He had purchased 2 bottles of my favorite wines and also bough a pack of cigarettes to feed my bad dirty habits. Before I arrived I called and asked if he needed me to bring anything, and he quickly replied....Just bring yourself, I got this!!! YES GAWD

I've gotten so used to wanting to help out that it's foreign when a guy says...Don't bring nothing I GOT IT. 

So here we are eating steak, French fries, salad, and Texas toast.  Everything was AMAZING. We watched Judas and the Black Messiah, listened to old school Motown.....everything flowed so effortlessly.  It didn't take no time before we were making out, and I debated whether it was wise to have sex because he was ALL OVER ME.  

I respectfully declined to Fuck on the first date, but I went back the next day, and.....

I think I left my panties under his bed!!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Pretty Girls Brunch....( Original Pancake House in Ladue)


Pretty Girls that Brunch

I'm a sucker for a handsome guy and a pretty girl (NO, I'm not Gay).

So when my best pretty homegirl (Amy) invited me to the Original Pancake house in Ladue, I was game.  Of course the restaurant was curbside only, BUT the experience was still AMAZING! 

We both got Omelets, pancakes, and  hashbrowns!

Original Pancake house is EXPENSIVE ($60 for both)

So if you're counting your pennies closely, stick with Denny's,  IHop, or Cracker Barrel.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Night Time Reservations at BAIT.

I was DEAD tired in the UBER ride down to our favorite seafood restaurant BAIT, but since my son wanted to impress his girlfriend with Black Culinary excellence..... I obliged  his request. 

So, let me just go on record by saying that my son LOVES this restaurant.

And although he left his job with this restaurant on bad terms, he still LOVES and RESPECTS the establishment.  And just as always the workers were so happy to see him.  Everyone from the Owner, the Maitre D', and the Bar Tender came to our table to say hello and greet us.  It was ALL LOVE....

Now lets talk about the food and service.....

I guess things cant be perfect 100% of the time, but considering the amount of money you spend at this place, the service should be IMMACULATE.

I ordered my usual Crab Cakes with the remoulade, Thai Chili Wings, Duck Rangoon, and a cosmopolitan. The orders somehow got mixed up and my son and his girlfriend were given my duck Rangoon's, and my Cosmopolitan never made it to the table.  

Service was also kind of slow that night....No water refills, table wasn't checked on like usual, but for the most part everything was just OK.

My son was a little disappointed as well because his girlfriend didn't really enjoy her food either. I guess I'm cut from a different cloth because if my man was spending $100 plus on dinner, I'm going to PRETEND that it's the best shit I ever ate, but that's just ME.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

COVID Chronicles -The Taste of Ferguson BOXED

The Annual "Taste Of Ferguson" was today, and due to COVID  the festivities were done a little different this year.  

First of all everything was pre-boxed and loaded into your car.  There were about 15 local Vendors that Participated.

Now i'll be the first to admit that I was pretty skeptical at how this was going to be pulled off, and I remained pretty skeptical even as they were loading the pre-boxed meals into the back seat of my car.

See, these preboxed sample meal kits were  $35......$50.....$125, and I ordered a $35 and $50 box for me and my son.  What came in the box were sample sized portions of all the vendors that participated, a insulated lunch bag, a travel mug, and utensils all with the Taste of Ferguson Logo.

All of the food was pretty good, nothing extraordinary. But I did get full off the sample sized portions so that was a plus.

The only complaint that I had was with the restaurant "Just Chicken".  Why the FUCK y'all didn't clean that chicken.  Ya'll saw all those feathers when y'all was seasoning that chicken, COME ON!!

Other than that, every other vendor was just.......ok!

This shit still had the feathers on it.


Friday, August 14, 2020

COVID Chronicles: Back at Bait on Lindell BLVD

I told my son that I refused to be a prisoner to COVID-19  

Now.... let me state that I also REFUSE to become a "Karen" and start complaining about wearing masks in public. 

This inconvenience has to be done for my safety and the safety of others, so just shut the FUCK up and put the damn mask on y'all.

With that said, I work in the medical industry for 8-9 hours a day risking my life and health for others.  Dealing with terrible attitudes from patients, getting flicked off and cussed out by patients because they didn't get free cleaning kits that are NO longer FREE. 

So I see absolutely NO issue with dining out during COVID-19 for a couple hours of food, relaxation, drinks, and enjoyment.

Last Saturday my son and I decided to eat at his old job Bait, and just like clockwork the original workers recognized him and came over to our table to show him LOVE.  I can tell that they really missed him, and the new manager was telling our server that Isaiah knew the business better than anyone there.

I remember how hard my son worked helping getting the restaurant opened.  Spending hours cleaning the restaurant and learning the menu and how to serve.  He was the first employee of this great establishment, and the rest of the crew respected him for that.

Now on to the food....

Before I made reservations I told Isaiah that I wanted to spend right around $200 trying some of the most expensive items on the menu.  He told me that If I wanted to exhaust that $200 rather quickly; order the Tomahawk steak  *$100* an appetizer and a couple drinks.

I opted for: 
Crab cakes
Thai Chilli Wings
Tropical Mango Bay (Mixed Drink)
Lost in the Woods (Mixed Drinks)
Regular beverage

My son Got
Salmon (Scottish salmon stuffed with spinach and Parmesan, sweet potato mash, and brown butter sauce)
Alligator Taco's

The food was just as good as I remembered although there has been changes in management and the Chef).  My son says that he noticed the slight changes in recipes, but the formula was pretty much the same.

I ended up spending $122.84 + $25.00 tip

This is me when I REALLY Love my food!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles: D & K Sandwich Shop

You know you in the hood when you drive up to the door of the restaurant and the cars next to you have weed smoke billowing from the windows.  

Ahhhh NIGGAS!!!😍💖

But don't let that deter you from getting one of the best Hood Burgers in North St. Louis County.

My son and I have a difference of opinion though.  He LOVES 5 GUYS (He's Boujee), and I agree they are pretty AMAZING.  But for the price and quality, D&K wins hands down.

(5 Guys) for me and my son = $30.00
(D&K) for me and my son= $9.00

Now keep in mind we order the SAME Items from both places.

(Me) 1 Cheese Burger fully loaded with fries 
(Isaiah) 1 Plain Burger with bacon (Dry Bread Dry Meat) with Fries.

Now look at the difference in price.....

(Damn near PERFECT reviews Online)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

COVID-19 Chronicals........Curbside VS Cooking

Sorry I've been MIA..

It's been a busy month since I got laid off from my job due to this Corona Virus and to be honest, life has been pretty golden.  I wake up at my regular time which is 4:30 am and I drink my coffee, say my daily prayers, check emails and social media. Finish a chapter of my online Harvard University courses, make candles, then pretty much do whatever I want for the rest of the day.  Life is SWEET!!

I hear a LOT of people talk about how bored they are, but quite honestly; I was build for quarantine life.  I'm VERY introverted which is a shock to some people, but those that REALLY know me will tell you how much of a loner and introvert I am. Solitude gives me time to really tap into gifts that become buried as I ACT for others.  I sometimes feel like an unpaid actress, so having alone time helps me reset.

When the quarantine first began, everyone was afraid to dine out.  Even my parents advised against eating out.  THEY STILL DO!!!  

I eventually developed a shopping schedule which is 2 times a week, and I go right when the stores open.  I buy what I need for the next couple days then I take my ass home and cook.  Well let me tell ya, that routine becomes a pain in the ass.  I couldn't imagine having one of those husbands that expects breakfast lunch and dinner Monday-Sunday then critiques your cooking like he's Jamie Fucking Oliver.  No Thanks..

I'd rather drink Lysol 😜

Well I finally had enough and decided to take advantage of curbside service, and my first restaurant was the Olive Garden.  I was impressed with the price (2 for $12.99) and the food was pretty good also.  Since then we've done Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

Cooking has become a distant memory...

Below is a video about me making candles.

Olive Garden
3552 Pennridge Dr.
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Someone asked if Bread sticks come with dinner! YEP!!

This cooking shit is for the BIRDS.....

Snacks from ALDI

Single in the City: When your date is handsome AND can COOK!! (Warning: Sex Talk Ahead)

I'm always amazed at the amount of attention that I get from men.  My DM's and private messages stay flooded with dudes looking for ...